Permit/Application Details

Information for Permit #: WIR21-00397

Project Name:
Jurisdiction: Kirkland
Type: WIR
Address: 400 URBAN PLZ
Parcel: 390016-0000
Status: Approved
Applied Date: 6/17/2021
Issued Date:
Finaled Date: 8/19/2021
Expiration Date:


Type: Wireless, Class: PO

T-Mobile is proposing the following modifications: Remove & replace (3) existing panel antennas with (3) new panel antennas, remove & replace (6) RRUs with (3) new RRUs, remove & replace (2) existing cabinets with (2) new cabinets, install (3) new tower junction boxes on existing concrete wall, remove & replace existing power panel, install (1) new cam lock generator box, install (1) new outdoor junction box, (1) telco cabinet, and (1) new tech light on new wall mounted H-Frame, install (1) new bollard, and install (1) new conduit from cabinet to alpha sector antennas.

  See Permit or Approved Plans for Conditions