Permit/Application Details

Information for Permit #: PRE22-00664

Project Name:
Jurisdiction: Kirkland
Type: PRE
Status: Approved
Applied Date: 9/13/2022
Issued Date:
Finaled Date: 10/11/2022
Expiration Date:


Type: Pre-Submittal, Class: Land Use

Pre-design/PRESUB Meeting: 10/11/2022 @ 2:00 pm – zoom conf 3 General description - Development of the Lee Johnson site for a multiple building and phased project of approximately 1.25MSF office complex. Reference; July 13, 2022 Document - Ordinance Approving A Development Agreement Between The City of Kirkland And Google LLC Regarding A Catalyst Project Related To The 85th Street Station Area Plan And Its Form-Based Code. Approved by Council July 19, 2022.

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